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Eduardo Zulueta

Managing Director of Chello Multicanal and Chello Latin America

Eduardo has a Bachelor Degree in International Economics from Georgetown University and a Master in International Finance from Columbia University.
Eduardo Zulueta has been the head of Chello Multicanal for Spain and Portugal since he rejoined the company in 2005 and head of Chello Latin America since March 20, 2014.
Among other achievements, Zulueta has led the integration of Multicanal with Chellomedia; the acquisition of the production company of thematic channels Teuve; the creation of the company DREAMIA in Portugal; as well as the launch and consolidation of numerous thematic TV channels in several countries.

Marcello Coltro

Executive Vice President & COO

Marcello Coltro has been named Executive Vice President & COO and will oversee the departments of advertising sales, marketing & external communications, digital media and research and will be responsible for the channel portfolio and programming overall strategy.
Coltro has twenty years of experience in the pay TV industry. His experience encompasses different areas of the pay TV business, from cable and satellite distribution working for TVA Brazil and DIRECTV Brazil to content production and distribution in channels such as Superstation Brazil and CMT Latin America.
His background is focused on strategy, branding, sales, marketing & communications as well as programming and acquisitions, creating and producing television programs including the reality show “En Busca de la Nueva Diva” and franchises such as “Director’s Choice”, “Food Hunting” and “MGM My Favorite Award”. Coltro has an MBA from Vanderbilt – USA, and he is an active member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences since 2011 and American Film Institute since 2005. His most recent position was EVP & CMO for MGM Networks Latin America LLC, the company that merged with Pramer to form Chello Latin America.

Ricardo Deben

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Chellomedia has transferred Ricardo Deben as the CFO & Treasurer for its newest division. Deben has worked at Chello Multicanal for the past 6 years, where he also performed as CFO. His key achievements include the structure and valuation of more than 100 corporate operations from M&A to procurement and due diligences. He also assisted the company in important negotiations with cable operators in Portugal and Spain.
Deben has a global vision having worked in different countries including CAMGE Financiera in Spain, GE Modular Space Europa, GE Equipment Services and Paramount HEI in Holland, and Whirlpool SSC in Ireland.
His education includes an enterprise diplomacy degree from the University of La Coruña – Spain, a degree in international business communications from the University of Ulster – United Kingdom and participation in an advanced management program from IESE Business School of Navarra, Spain.

Marisa Piñeiro

Country Manager & Chief of HR, CR, Compliance and Int. Comms.

Marisa Piñero has been named the Senior Vice President for Human Resources & Country Manager (or Managing Director TBC by Harrison) for the Argentina Chello Latin America office. Her areas of direct management include Corporate Responsibility, Compliance and Internal Communications. She will also be the country manager for the Argentina offices where Chello Latin America will maintain part of its operations, including some channel management and content production.
Piñero has been with the Liberty Global programmer Pramer since 2003 as COO where she implemented the compliance culture from LGI Corporation, led the negotiation of labour agreement with the local TV trade union and developed the strategy to launch a corporate responsibility strategy.
Prior to Pramer, she was a partner at the accountant bureau Valcarce & Asoc. and at Weatherford Enterra SA. She has a post-degree in labor law at USAL – Universidad del Salvador – Argentina, and one in management at UB – Universidad de Belgrano – Argentina.

Jack Efromson

CTO (Chief Technological Officer)

Efromson has 30 years of cable and broadcast television management as well as engineering experience, achieving important accomplishments as a broadcast media consultant and contractor in previous positions such as Executive Producer for Travel Shopping Network, General Manager for Nickelodeon Global Network Ventures, Vice President Technical Operations for Nickelodeon and MTV Networks in New York, among others, His most recent position was Senior Vice President of Operations and Info. Technology for MGM Networks Latin America LLC.
Jack Efromson has his B.A. from Reed College, Portland, and 3-years completed in Major Physics.

Mauro Paez-Pumar

Chief Commercial Officer

Mauro Paez-Pumar has been named CCO and will be responsible for the overall affiliate sales efforts in the region. Previously, Paez-Pumar worked at Castalia Communications as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing and has worked in different sectors of the industry, including Argo Systems, LAPTV, DIRECTV and Turner International.
Mauro is an Electrical Engineer graduated at the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela and has MBA from Hofstra University, NY.

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